We are a Specialist, Independent

Market Research Agency

We answer B2B and B2C business questions – and anything a bit tricky or off-beat.

We enjoy being curious and probing with purpose. We seek to make a significant difference to your business and we live up to our name – engineering insight.

We love B2B research and helping business leaders make decisions on how to strengthen offer/service propositions and improve in-market performance.

We help clients understand market entry, purchase decisions and response to your Brand & PR Narratives. 

Whilst much of our market research is in our GB home market, we operate internationally too – we love multi-country on-line Quantitative research and have successfully delivered full-service multi-mode research solutions for nearly 2 decades across 40+ countries.

Project Management is one of the key strengths we deliver after commission. We know how to run single & multi-country projects and keep everything on time to high quality – working with a strong network of steadfast independent specialist partners built over time.

Our research solutions are often multi-mode – we are a Quantitative research agency who is equally comfortable in Qualitative (from Group Moderation, Executive Interviewing and short-term on-line communities); and we often include Secondary Desk Research in the Discovery Phase of our research solutions.

We work in six broad business verticals, supporting organisational change. With some client relationships now going back over 25 years, having a progressive mindset and embracing agile technology solutions is an inherent given – many of the business questions in digital, internet and financial in recent years are better described as Fintech as funded clients seek help to tap into the pace & scale of e:commerce and SaaS worlds.

We appreciate the ever-rising bar of expectation from the marketplace, your customers and your stakeholders and seek to confirm hypotheses or unlearn established beliefs.

  • If you have a business question starting with WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, WHAT IF, HOW 
  • When a discovery phase on your competitive landscape, customer needs and regulatory context would be useful 
  • If you would like to improve conversion & reduce lost sales 
  • If you would like to come to a consensus on priorities
  • … then we know we can help you.

We work with the Survey Gizmo market research enterprise platform and enjoy collaborative work with leading digital marketing agencies such as Growth Gorilla

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